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Positive Learning, Positive Life

Move Programme

What is MOVE?                                                                                           

The MOVE Programme began in the early 1980s in America and spread to the UK in the 1990s. It is now run by the Enham Trust and it a practical mobility programme that focuses on:

Mobility         Opportunities        Via         Education

MOVE encourages children to have meaningful and purposeful movement opportunities throughout the day, e.g. to use their walkers to walk and take a message to another class, to be able to stand and hold onto a bed so that can be changed. Throughout daily teaching and learning, children are given opportunities for fun and functional mobility practice.

MOVE is based around the idea that:  Giving ‘Opportunity to Move’ will enable ‘More Opportunities in Life’.

MOVE at Enham Trust

The MOVE Programme is based around a six step programme – teaching the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring:

Step 1: Assessment: Where are your skills now?

Step 2 : Goal Setting : Where do you want to get to?

Step 3:  Task Analysis: What skills do you need to get there?

Step 4 : Measuring Prompts: What support do you need now?

Step 5: Adjusting Prompts: What assistance will you need to achieve your goals?

Step 6: Teaching the Skills: How do we ensure you reach the goal?

MOVE at the Livity School:

The Livity school had MOVE training in Feb 2017 and have been introducing the principles throughout the school, initially focusing on some specific children to develop their skills, before gradually expanding.

Children on the MOVE Programme have individualised goals in a MOVE Mobility Passport that are integrated into their learning with regular opportunities to practice their skills and increase their mobility throughout the day.

What MOVE looks like at the Livity:

Movement opportunities happen for all children in physical sessions including dance, P.E, swim and movement sessions so that children’s movement is incorporated into the curriculum.

Children on the MOVE Programme also have their movement gaols incorporated into their daily routine, e.g.

Crawling to get shakers out of reach

 Side sitting to listen to a sensory story

     Using walkers for taking messages across the school 

In the Summer term, the children on MOVE work together as a group to use their movement in a more dramatic way, with all of their movement and practice ending in a Summer term production.

Summer 2018: The Wizard of Oz


MOVE staff at the Livity school:

Charlene Skyers [HLTA] leads on supporting MOVE on a practical level at the Livity, working with children in classes, modelling to and working with class staff to ensure that movement opportunities are happening for children throughout the day.

All classes with children on the MOVE Programme have a class MOVE Champion, who supports the teacher and class team with specific children’s gaols and movement throughout the day.

Chryseus Yamaguchi [Assistant Head] oversees the paperwork and assessment process of the MOVE, joining in with practical sessions.

Working with Parents and Therapists:

Children’s progress in movement is dependent on everyone working together: Parents and Carers, school staff, Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists. Once mobility/MOVE goals are set with Physiotherapy, the school team and Parents, these are shared with all involved so that the positive potential can impact on all aspects of the child’s life. As children are developing their skills [sitting more independently, able to use stairs, standing to transfer between equipment], they are also becoming more confident and motivated to move and learn in all areas.

Our MOVE children:

We currently have 1 MOVE Graduate and 10 more children working on the MOVE Programme, developing their skills. The Livity school, parents and therapists are all very proud of all that they are achieving.

For more information about MOVE at the Livity school, please contact Charlene Skyers. For information about MOVE nationally, please contact: