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Positive Learning, Positive Life


Pupils are encouraged to try a wide range of activities. Some subjects are planned on a daily or weekly basis and others are blocked ie taught for a specific time during the term.  Opportunities are provided for all pupils to access the National Curriculum. Importance is also placed on a Sensory Curriculum. We are a signing school using Makaton and visual symbols to help augment the language we use. We use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) with children in our four Communication Classes.

The curriculum is enhanced by a wide range of creative activities with   Dance, Drama and Music forming an integral part of students’ experiences. This is supported by specialist staff. Pupil groups also participate in a range of visits to the theatre, concerts, music workshops, exhibitions and museums. The school  has a wide variety of musical instruments from all over the world together with a large stock of CDs.

We also have especially strong links with a community arts project, Oily Cart Theatre, whose very talented actors regularly bring their magical delights into the school, transforming the swimming pool or the school hall into an imaginative wonderland for us to investigate and discover.

The school’s ICT suite caters for whole-class provision and, in addition, each class has its own computers and whiteboards. There is a wide ranging selection of software and adapted switches and keyboards for pupils to access.

We have links with outside agencies such as CENMAC and the Newcomen Centre.

Sex Education

This subject is taught in consultation with parents and carers and is part of the overall Personal and Social Education programme for Year Five/Six pupils.

Religious Education

The Livity School provides Religious Education and Collective Worship for all pupils. The value and ethos of the school are reflected in the teaching. More explicit Religious Education is also taught through topics, ceremonies and festivals. Respect for others and their beliefs are promoted at all times. If you wish your child to be withdrawn from Religious Education and/or Collective Worship, please discuss this with the Head teacher.

Healthy Schools

The Livity School meets the criteria of the National Healthy Schools Programme and has been awarded Advanced Healthy School Status.  The children are offered a variety of healthy meal options on a daily basis. The school offers a cafeteria style lunch whereupon children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and given the opportunities to make choices about the food they eat.

A drop-in session is held twice a month with the dietician for parents/carers with children diagnosed with Autism. The sessions seek to provide a relaxed forum for the dietician and parents to discuss and share ideas on improving children’s diet.

Visiting Professionals

Dance Teacher

The school has a Dance Teacher who works two and a half days per week. She provides the children with great dance routines and co-ordinates the dancing for Special Assemblies and School Plays.

Music Therapist

The school teaches music and has a Specialist Music Therapist in one day a week. In addition the school regularly has partnerships with musical companies such as Whippersnappers and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Movement Therapist

The school has a Movement Therapist who works for two days a week. She provides pupils with movement therapy sessions.

Break-Time Activities

During break- times we try to create a more sensory approach in our playtime providing times for our pupils to experience and enjoy activities that are more relevant to them. Play equipment includes bicycles, scooters and wheeled toys, sand and water play. The playground is marked with a variety of games and activities.