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Mark and Spencer have produced specialist bodysuits and sleepwear which are only available on their site online.  This range was launched to cater for the needs of those who wear a nappy and use a feeding tube daily.

This comfortable cotton short & long sleeve bodysuit is available for ages 3-16 making it ideal for children with special needs or those having operations.  Nappies are kept securely in place away from wandering hands, while the evenly spaced poppers leave room for any medical tubes.

The range includes larger versions of the bodysuits sleep suits and vest are reasonably priced from £3.50p to £8.50p

To avoid postage you can have them delivered for collection to a Marks & Spencer near you!

 They also do easy fit clothing for older children

Kids Easy Dressing at M & S

Swimwear - Fledgings

Fledgings sell unisex swimwear for children that can be worn under any swimming costume. They are designed to hold and retain solid bowel movements for incontinent swimmers.

There are several sample sizes available at school if you would like to see before ordering.

To place an order contact them on 01799 541807

email :,uk

Alternatively the school is happy to order any item for you with a £2.00 post & packing charge