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Livity Parent heads shopping trolley campaign

One of the parents at The Livity School has campaigned successfully  with local supermarkets to provide accessable shopping trolleys.

 disabled supermarket trolleyI have been campaigning for all the major supermarkets to install disabled trolleys for children in their stores.
 May and I featured on You and Your's, Radio 4  "attempting" to shop without a disabled trolley. As a result of this and articles on my blog ( local supermarkets have bought, or agreed to buy adapted trolleys.
Also - and more personally to Livity - because of the campaign, Tesco's in Brixton, Morrisons in Streatham, Sainsburys in Upper Norwood and Waitrose in Beckenham now all have disabled trolleys (though they are only a seat with a lap strap so will not be appropriate for all of Livity students). I'm hoping they purchase something that all Livity students can access and I will let you know if they do.