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Fathers Reading Every Day

A programme to encourage more fathers and father figures to read to their children.

The FRED Programme

“Fathers Reading Every Day”


Why The Livity School?

The Livity School were invited by the Fatherhood Institutue to be part of a pilot scheme in Lambeth, along with 6 other schools. The FRED programme will be carried out by 20 children across Year 1 and 2 initially, and then Livity plan to role the programme out to the rest of the school.

What is FRED about? Where did it come from?

The main aim of the FRED programme is to encourage more fathers and father figures to read with their children. The project originated in America in Texas, where fathers were encouraged to read with their children over 4 weeks, documenting the time spent and books read.

What has FRED achieved?

FRED has been shown in the US to improve children's reading accuracy, comprehension and rate of reading, their writing and their behaviour. It can also improve attainment in maths and can develop social and personal skills such as self-esteem and confidence. Although FRED is a four week programme, it has been shown to start new reading habits that last for the whole of a child's time in primary school.

What’s Livity’s plan of action?

At Livity we plan to launch the project firstly, with the selected children creating a ‘wanted’ poster, calling all dads/granddads/ uncles/brothers to be part of this exciting scheme. We will then invite the dads and dad figures to a storytelling session at school (provisionally May 16th) which will motivate and encourage dads to find exciting ways to share stories with their children.

The project for dads/dad figures is to participate in a four-week programme, reading to their child every day over the 4 weeks. For the first 2 weeks reading for 10 minutes and then for the second two weeks, increasing the reading to 15 minutes every day. They will record what is read and the amount of time spent reading in their reading log. At the end of the month they will total up the amount of time and number of items read. All participants will then be invited to an event to celebrate all the great work the dads/dad figures have done. This is being held at Brixton Library on the 15th June (to tie in with Father’s day and Father’s Story week).

How will we tailor FRED to our learners?

We will share different ways of reading with our dads/dad figures, such as;

Cooking activities where the children can read symbols/images on recipes

  • Sensory stories with tactile props (bag books)
  • Story sacks
  • Songs and rhymes
  • Audio books
  • Sensory books
  • Widget books/PECS stories