Blue Class

 Welcome to Blue Class

         Dear Parents/Carers

        Welcome back to school. Blue team hope you all had a fantastic summer break and did lots of exciting things.

The team working in Blue Class are:

  • Debbie Whymes – Class Teacher
  • Novelette Knight – Teaching Assistant
  • Shireen Cumberbatch - Teaching Assistant
  • Janet Binns – Teaching Assistant
  • Meals Supervisor – Soraya Tharani

This autumn term, children will be learning:

Themed Curriculum: Making Things Work

Geography: Children will learn how to programme a Bee-Bot to make it move on maps and plans.

History: Children will learn about Inventions between 1900- 1940 and their Inventors.

Art: Children will use a range of materials to create a piece of work linked to Inventions between 1900- 1940.

Design and Technology:  Children will design and make a simple toy with a ‘spinning’ mechanism.

Science: Children will investigate the forces ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ through different power sources: Man, hydro, wind and electrical powers.

Music: Children will learn about Tempo, Duration and Silence through Poetry and Rhyme linked to ‘Making things Work’.  

PE: This term children will continue to develop their gymnastics skills, such as rolling, jumping and balancing. 

PE will be on Tuesday; Dance on Thursday; and Swimming on Friday.  Please ensure that you send in your child’s PE and Swimming kit on those days. Kit can be sent in and kept at school if you wish to do so and sent home at the end of term.

RE: In the first half term your child will learn about ‘People who help us and Religious Stories about helping’. In the Second half term they will learn about Christmas through stories and role-play.

PSHE: This Autumn term children will learn about ‘Choices’. Children will be making choices about ‘Colour’, ‘Shape’ and ‘Size’; and the ‘Outside Environment and Class roles’.

Chat Book: Please continue to use your child’s chat books to add and share information about things your child has experienced whether at school or at home. The information could be a bus ticket, a photo or a drawing illustrating an event, place or activity they have experienced. Please encourage your child to talk about the entries in their Chat books.

Home-School Book: Please continue to use this book to inform and share relevant information about your child with the team and for Blue team to share information with you also. Thank you. 

Homework: Homework will be sent home every Friday. Please return by the following Wednesday. Thank you.








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